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  1. I keep getting asked if I still have BSW & BSF nuts available. Below is sizes and cost.
    I now have the following New Unplated Nuts for sale:-
    1/4" BSW @ £1.50 per 100 (293g)
    5/16" BSW @ £2.00 per 100 (498g)
    3/8" BSW @ £3.50 per 100 (786g)
    1/2" BSW @ £4.00 per 40 (850g)
    All the above are new post war nuts.

    1/4" BSF @ £1.50 per 50 (151g)
    5/16" BSF @ £1.50 per 50 (243g)
    3/8" BSF @ £2.00 per 50 (382g)
    1/2" BSF @ £4.00 per 40 (830g)

    No4 x 1/4" long Brassed Drive Screws as fitted to Lister Brass Labels @ £1 per 50 (24g)
    No8 x 3/8" Long Brassed Drive Screws as fitted to Bamford Vertical Brass Label @ £1 per 20

    The figures in brackets are the weight of that item, packing boxes etc will need to be added to these weights. Packages up to 1Kg will be by Royal Mail, over 1Kg by courier.
  2. harrone

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    Do you have square head BSW nut? If so, what sizes?
  3. Sorry no, as far as I know they would only be done to special order and that would be expensive.
  4. harrone

    harrone New Member

  5. Paul i

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    I could do with a bag of each bsw and bsf if you still have. Do you have any bolts to suit ?
  6. Only got BSF Nuts left (price as above), only bolts I have are 1/4" BSW Hex Hd x 1.3/4" Lg (20off for £1) and 3/8"BSW Hex Hd x 4" c/w washers and nut slight surface rust (10off for £1)

    If interested let me know what you want by private message and I will see what the postage would be.

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