cleaning old electrical switchgear

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    our favourite museum manager/director/head fettler/senior tinkerer etc etc is a bit poorly at present but he still was kind enough to give me the details of a super product for cleaning knackered and grimy old switches, contactors and relays (ie just about everything you will find on old generators and their controls!!!)

    the product is called........................


    its readily on the internet.
    i bought some from maplin electronics for x4 aerosols for just under £20 delivered.

    its probably a horrible toxic and very nasty chemical but by god it does a good job.

    all my old switches now work and the old grease and grime just literally melted away with a few squirts of this wonderfull stuff.

    the cans are pretty small (200ml) but a little goes a long way.

    it also contains a lubricant.

    10/10 in my book

    anyway, i just thought i would share the deep joy with you all !!


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