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    Bit of a clear out of Projects I don't think I will ever get around to doing. All are cash on collection from near Hayle in Cornwall

    Teagle B2, needs new coil (maybe complete ignition) and the valves need refacing. Very original example. £30

    Pics here:

    Early R3, needs a complete rebuild I have two crank shafts both need big ends doing, it has new main bearings already, the magneto is a unusual WICO WBC but typical not working, also looks like the head has been frosted in the past. The early magneto makes it too good to scrap! Base plate etc included. £30

    Pics here:

    Early P4Y with unusual cooling pump, I've had it running but it needs a starting pulley or something made up and finishing. £175

    Pics Here: Pics here:

    Campeon only good to sit on a shelf. £5

    Pics Here:

    Also have a dumper exhaust and what looks like a EX-WD exhaust someone can have.

    Cheers, Steve

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