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    I think I've sorted out what really caused Coronavirus. It's David Attenborough's fault.
    Imagine the scene.
    One day the Chinese makers of plastic bags, bottles and crisp packets were moaning to their government about falling profits.. That *&&* Attenborough is killing us. Our market is shrinking faster than a cheap shirt.
    The Chinese government market development agency joined in.
    What we need is a situation where loads of disposable plastic PPE and little plastic bottles will be needed
    And so a plan was hatched and the rest is history.
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    About as useful or funny as the other conspiracy theories.
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    i dont have a conspiracy theory on covid blame although the dimwitted twaddle on the internet and social media about covid theories and conspiracies has given me a great deal of joy during the last year. the JFK murder mystery used to do this for me but was replaced by the 9/11 conspiracy theories (which was even more disturbing as many of the authors were qualified professional engineers or scientists as opposed to bare chested, bull horn hat wearing naieve shamen with face paint).

    having lived and worked in china (many years ago but after Mao !!), my best guess for honest blame is the corrupt and fundamentally dishonest and immoral chinese central government to whom all routes always lead in chinese national governance.

    Beijing rules with an iron rod and a bullying and menacing consequence culture for any official and any level who screws up or makes mistakes. the daily result of this is a self preservation need to not report anything bad to you superiors or to heavily massage the the truth or scheme your way out of liability and blame. I think that the real horror and risk to humanity of covid was covered up at every reporting level from the Wuhan medical managers to their district and regional governance above them and so on upto Beijing

    most average chinese are no different to us except most still live in relative poverty and, in rural areas, extreme poverty with little comfort (hence the sheer volume of human migration to cities seeking work and better income).

    I doubt if the current WHO fact finding trip will resolve anything. regardless of exactly where this nasty little bug found its first human best friend ( !!!!) and then went on a round the world tour to find many many more, the real culpability is with the nature of the chinese regime and not its citizens. i think they lied and lied and stalled for many months BEFORE the end of 2019 when they could not lie and conceal any more as the bug had left china and the game was up. maybe this was as much as 3-6 months when Beijing knew the dire nature of the new coronavirus but failed to inform other countries and therefore took away the benefit of time to defend against it and lock down people and borders. I realised just how bad this would be for the human race by mid january 2020. Our own wonderful load of government dingbats are only now doing what i expected them to do a year ago only now its a massive and overwhelming death toll in the UK. we are an island nation and this is the price we have had to pay for inept and dillatory governance. the fact that many other nations have performed far worse is cold comfort.

    i have seen a lot of nasty comments about china in the last year. its a shame the world does not seem to appreciate just how vile its government really is but that its population is hard working, clever, inventive and decent. the most impressive artisan and craftsmen i have ever seen are Chinese. some of them have astounding levels of skill.


    best wishes to all,

    iam off to irradiate my troublesome piles under a G5 mast !!!!

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    Look what happens when somebody throws a stone into a pond just to see how many ripples it will form, he does it with me but I just dont respond anymore.

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