Coventry Victor AD2 & AD3

Discussion in 'Parts/Engines Wanted' started by Stuart Elliott, Jan 17, 2023.

  1. Stuart Elliott

    Stuart Elliott New Member

    I have one Coventry Victor AD2 and two Coventry Victor AD3 completely rebuilt to a high standard. I also have an incomplete spare Coventry Victor AD3. The Coventry Victor is a compact, robust design that is well engineered. I gained much experience from the engine rebuilds and became very interested in the Coventry Victor. I’ve searched for anything related to Coventry Victor, but spares are non-existent and literature is very limited. The Coventry Herbert museum archives has very little on Coventry Victor. I'm interested to correspond with anyone who has experience of the Coventry Victor stationary engine and to share my experience. I'm interested in any spare parts or a complete engine for my collection.

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