Crank up in shropshire

Discussion in 'Events' started by gazmill, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. boblester

    boblester Member

    Sounds good we will be there , youd best get some more pork in :)
  2. shaggy3000

    shaggy3000 Member

    Hi gary you can count me in

    cheers gaz :D
  3. Eastblock

    Eastblock New Member

    A Yorkshireman offering to bring ale! <pinches himself in the the arm> I've got to see that! Count me in. If they are in running condition by then I may travel up in the Gaz or the Trabi so you can all see what a proper car looks like.

  4. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    If we arrange it correctly I will follow in my van to pick up the bits as we go :))

    Martin P
  5. Will you do the trip in a weekend, might be a slow journey. :lol: :lol:
  6. Eastblock

    Eastblock New Member

    Very funny :roll: :wink:

    I can always hook up the Lister D if the Trabi breaks down.
  7. miley_bob

    miley_bob Member

    Put me down for 2 engines. I could even be persuaded to bring the warsop as well :lol:
  8. gazmill

    gazmill Member

    Hi folks due to some complications we'll have to change the date to 19-20 of September I hope this wont be a problem ?

    Cheers Gary..
  9. miley_bob

    miley_bob Member

    Dont think it will be a problem for me, think its the week after that Im at a rally up near Darlington.
  10. ian666

    ian666 Member

    Hi Gary, your change of date just ruled me out. I'm flying to Oz that weekend. I'll just have to find some engines over there to play with.

    Ian :(
  11. ian666

    ian666 Member

    Hi again, just had a thought, I'm flying from Manchester, so I may call in on the 20th on my way to the airport - if everything is as booked.

    Ian :)
  12. gazmill

    gazmill Member

    Hi Ian, sorry about the change out of my hands i'm afraid but i hope you can call and see us.

    Cheers Gary..
  13. paxmanmerv

    paxmanmerv New Member

    Your not toooo far from me, would need to know dates nearer the time as i work abroad a lot so would need to schedule my work to fit around your proposed do.
  14. paxmanmerv

    paxmanmerv New Member

    Did i hear someone mention 20th Sept? Damn! thats Hanbury. Already booked in there.
  15. jon

    jon New Member

    hope it's a big field
    keep me posted
  16. gazmill

    gazmill Member

    Sorry folks but after a death in the landowners close family we have to cancel our little crank up for this year, we hope to put something on at the beginning of next season.
    Apologys for any inconvenience caused.

    Regards Gary..
  17. shaggy3000

    shaggy3000 Member

    No worries gary hope you have somat on in the new year then.

    cheers gaz
  18. paxmanmerv

    paxmanmerv New Member

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