Cutting circular paper gaskets

Discussion in 'Hints & Tips' started by picklesquirt, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. picklesquirt

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    Evening all
    I've discovered a new ( well new to me ) tool today. Perhaps its common knowledge but I'll share it anyway.
    Been cutting new paper gaskets for the Petter crankcase, mentioned it to a friend yesterday and he offered to loan me a paper cutting blade that fits into the end of a drawing compass. It loks like a very small arrow head with sharpened edges and has a stem the size of a pencil lead. With it fitted into the end of a stout spring bow compass it makes easy work of cutting out the O.D and the I.D then mde a punch and die for the stud holes. Gives a very pleasing result overall. You have to go over it severall times with hard gasket paper. You also need a magnifying glass to sharpen it on an oil stone.
    Tell me you have being doing this for years?
    Cheers for now
  2. Victoria

    Victoria Member

    Correct, have been doing that for years - but using a pair of engineers' dividers with one leg ground to a blade. In fact I have never considered any other way to give as good a result.
  3. campingstoveman

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    My Grandfather showed me your trick years ago and I've used it ever since, keep the blade sharp and it will cut anything, even thin brass or steel shim.

    Martin P
  4. martinpaff

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    I made a simple trepanning tool, which carries a scalpel blade and cuts beautiful circles. There is a lot of simple pleasure to be had from nicely made gaskets! (...or maybe it's just me!)

  5. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    You are not alone (with a Strand :)

  6. FDEO

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    When I was under training, we used Trammels. A pair of Trammel heads clamped on to a suitably sized wooden or steel beam. One had a point and the other a cutter. Quite suitable for cutting pipe joints several feet in diameter. I see that a small set is still in the Axminster catalogue, suitable for fixing onto a steel rule.

    For thinner joints I still think that scissors give that handcrafted finish!

  7. David Lacey

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    I got my very skilled wife to cut me some nice circles from gasket paper for my oilers on one of my engines - and a fab job she did too!

    But, yes, this method does seem rather better!

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