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Discussion in 'Archive Related' started by petternut, May 8, 2022.

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    There is little point indexing the records of engines that no longer exist so they are indexed as needed. I have done thousands. So when you enter a serial in the dating section please read what is returned and either, preferably, complete the pro-forma email request or look again in a few days not a few hours!

    In the absence of any communication I will assume your engine to be vertical and not to be in preservation.

    Please bear in mind time differences as I do not index whilst asleep in the UK :)

    Indexing is up to date now after the recent blizzard.
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    As the page says those records have not yet been digitised so the original books have to be referred to.
    Obviously that can only be done where the books are and by someone with time. The latter is very limited now the museum is open again.

    I had volunteered to take on the scanning of the post war books but its a huge task requiring a dedicated space and hundreds of hours work and electricity. There is nothing in it for me and there are limits to altruism.
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    We ask information so as to help other owners and enable future analysis for the same purpose.
    Sadly very few bother with any communication and confine their activities to repeatedly looking for the same serial until the dating fairy indexes the records.
    Looking at the same unindexed serial four times over the space of 46 minutes is wildly optimistic :)

    The indexing is slightly behind as I have been very busy today and two of my larger engines have gone to a new, and very good, home.
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