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  1. Ferret01

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    For anyone who hasn't discovered it yet Hitek do a fantastic product that really eats limescale.
    it's called Dynamic Descaler, 25ltr only costs £131.40 (they also do it in 5ltr at £19.40).
    Website is at & you can see their brochure about it.
    I can recommend it as we're using on the 4ver Ruston at Twyford to good effect and that was furred up solid.
    Geoff :D
  2. Numpty1

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    Got any spare? Could do with some for the Otterbourne PS although its not bad. So long as its not going to take that lovely original paint off with it :wink:

    Here is progress so far.


  3. lambe

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    Mark, I would suggest the use of Citric acid- as used in the food industry, it is excellent for disolving limescale buildup without touching the metal or paint. It can be "aquired" quite easily if you know someone in the food industry and as a foodstuff is not so closely monitored under COSHH regs.
  4. Numpty1

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    Thank you Malcolm, its readily available on fleabay quite cheaply. Have ordered some which saves me a 120mile round trip.
  5. Numpty1

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    Great stuff Malcolm. That Citric Acid worked a treat. Dissolved some in boiling water and then poured into the water jacket. Lots of bubbling so left it overnight. It had gone to the consistency of whipped cream next day. Took a pressure washer to get it all out but looks to have done a great job.
    Valve cutters arrived from fleabay so valves are now sorted and fitted together with the camshaft and followers.
    A repair has been made to the casting around the carb flange so progress is being made.

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