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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by thatch, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. thatch

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    I have three diesel engines that are hard to start in the cold weather and do not have glow plugs installed, a Petter PH1, a Petter AC2 and a Ford 4000 tractor.
    Has anyone any experience of fitting glowplugs to an engine that did not originally have them? I'm guessing that it may just be a question of drilling and tapping the inlet manifold adjacent to the intake valve in each cylinder and wiring them via a high current relay
    If this is indeed the case which type of glowplugs would be suitable.


  2. boblester

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    The diesels I have seen have the glow plug in the combustion chamber, this is the only place it will aid combustion.

  3. mandarin

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    Have you though of "Thermostarts" look like drip pot oilers but have diesel in them and a heating element and are scewed into the intake manifold. Told they work very well, are used by several people I know with petrol start diesel Kelvins so they can start them without using petrol. Type thermostart in a search engine to find suppliers.
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    I know nothing of the Ford but the manuals for both Petters give a lighter oil for winter running. If you have summer oil in then in the present weather you'll struggle to get enough speed for a start.
    failing that they are both normally very good starters so probably just need a top overhaul and their injectors cleaned.
    Roland Craven

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