Double acting marine petrol engine.

Discussion in 'Identification' started by nickh, Mar 18, 2011.

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    Whilst I don't recognise it, somebody appears to have tried steam engine technology to an i.c engine. I wonder if it worked? and what it's problems were.
  3. nickh

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    Well, someone thought it was worth £700 - still no ideas on manufacturer?

  4. steve646

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    Looks an interesting engine and bit of a different take on steam technology.
    From the pictures it looks as though the lower inverted cylinder will have a full cylinder head rather than the piston rod passing through a gland with packing, due to the links either side of the piston. This would overcome the problems of having to seal high pressure and speed with packing.
    Similar in some ways to the way the upper piston is connected on "Junkers" type engines with single crankshafts.

  5. lambe

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    with that piston and high external con rod is it an opposed pistonengine?
  6. nickh

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    Appears to be single 'double ended' piston with combustion chamber at each end - look at the plugs.

  7. nickh

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