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    i have a fairly modern large generator alternator made by this firm.

    i know they have a great repuation for quality and this is evident in the one i have.

    its a bit different from my old lister alternators as there are no brushes as its an induction unit.

    anyway, its very mighty and solidly made (just like the lovely old mawdsleys !!)

    i just wondered if there is any technical info about this item as the company appear to have gone to dust.

    some kind of construction/wiring info would help.

    yet again, i have found a fantastic british manufacturer that operate dfor a century or so and then went bang leaving no information or so it seems....hopefully one of you clever chaps
    might prove me wrong but intenet searches bring up almost nothing other than its basic history.

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    Hi Gerry,

    What is what you call "large"?
    Induction generators are usually not large and usually made for specific purposes as there is no acceptable means of regulating the output voltage, as you might have found out.
    There have been some clever circuits to try and regulate the voltage, but none worked well. I have a book about a system that works, but it is very complicated and expensive.
    Can you post some pictures of the generator, the spec plate and the control box?



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