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    I was wondering how IF as a bricks and mortar museum has fared over the pandemic in terms of big holes in balance sheets. I was talking to a retired friend last week who owned 3 small restaurants before the bug arrived and has just told his son to sell the last one as neither of them see any future with this trade and the on/ off customer numbers thanks to co-vid laws. He said he just wants to give up and cant do any more without customers showing up to cover operating costs as a bare minimum never mind trying to make a profit.

    I am not being critical of these laws as its a person to person based illness and health risk so the only practical way to defeat it is for humans to end or greatly limit contact in ANY setting including leisure activities and dining out. May be very necessary but its easier said than done.

    I am wondering what effect this has finanically had on Paul and Hazel running IF as there are still bills to pay (+30% up on some of them compared to last year for me!!) and rates and basic work around the site to stop its condition deteriorating etc etc.

    I imagine that no visitors equals no or little income and its not the type of thing that you could move online in lieu of actual visits to adapt income streams.

    Many small business owners seem to have evaporated their savings by trying to keep things running on minimum setting but now have no savings left to continue to run; such is the open ended nature of this ever morphing virus. I seem to remember my mother saying that the flu pandemic just before the 1920's took several years to fade away and deaths to drop and not come back.

    Anyway, I hope Paul and Hazel are ok and that their unique monument to heavy metal is having a happy deep sleep until better times can return.

    No matter how stir crazyI became during the last lockdown, I could not think up a way to justify a visit to Wales to IF. I think if I did attempt a midnight dash then a Welsh traffic officer would not have looked very kindly at me even if I told him it was an essential visit to a place of national importance to support essential curators !!

    Wishing IF staff, helpers and followers good health in troubled times. Why do things always seem to go arse upwards just before Christmas ???

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    Hi Gerry,
    Apologies for slow reply, bit of illness floating around this end before Christmas.

    Museum has managed OK so far although next few months might be more interesting. On paper some grant assistance made the balance sheet look quite positive but the money was ringfenced and some of the more troublesome issues are still lurking - working on that.

    We also got help with the new sewage system, both from Museums & Libraries Wales who covered the cost of the tank system and Wildon(UK) who did all the installation FOC, massive saving for us.

    At the end of the day we have done a lot better than we might have and hopefully will be seeing income again from April although there will be some serious work needed to get ready to open from March.

    All the best for the New Year and thanks for thought.


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