enfield flat twin diesel

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by dondom, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. dondom

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    ayone know where I can find info on this engine I brung home from the scrapyard its an enfield type h02 flat twin diesel with a gec generator and acording to the plate on the genny its 4.6 KVA .8PF 200V 3 PHASE 400 2000 RPM I had the engine running starts on 12v but cut the fuel to stop it as i could find no other way so now it sits untill I know or have some idea as to how it works
    thanks in advance TOM
  2. jerrytug

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    I used to see them quite a lot in narrow(canal)boats,there are still a few,so phone a couple of old canal boat engineers and you will get some gen,Jerry
  3. rustonman

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    These engines were used in canal boats. they were also very popular with the armed forces. Driving water pumps. generators and the like, If you look at back copies of Stationary Engine Mag I am sure you will find more info, There is also one for sale on Ebay currently in the Stationary Engine section.

    Good Luck with the engine.


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