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Discussion in 'Identification' started by avandriver, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. avandriver

    avandriver New Member

    Recently I had an email from a gent in Australia who was trying to ID an engine that is in his fathers possession .
    I have not got a clue so I said I would post it on the two forums that I use and maybe get a bit of help for him

    Any chance somebody knows what it is ?





    A little info that was supplied

    · Engine Rotation: counter clockwise
    · Bore: 4 .5 inches. Stroke 4 .75inches?
    · Twin camshafts.
    · Side Valve
    · Roller cam followers
    · External Oil system? total loss( this is missing from engine)
    · Duel Ignition: ? Magneto +?
    · Cone clutch
    · No manufacture marking or stamps on the engine
    · Big ends have 4 bolts on each, which go through the rods and threaded into the rod caps with lock nuts.
    · Rods made from? Bronze like material and has no big end bearing, runs in the rod material.
    · Crankshaft mounted in the sump.

    I have allso posted this on Fozzers forum

    http://www.stationary-engine.net/forum/ ... hp?t=21621

    Many thanks
  2. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member

    Dont know make but would suggest marine or aircraft was what it was made for.

    Martin P
  3. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    What make are the mag and carb. What thread system does it use?

  4. shaggy3000

    shaggy3000 Member

    Looks kinda like an austinlite but just bigger.

  5. highrange

    highrange Member

    Dual ignition would suggest aircraft, I think,and the water jacketing looks lightweight,too. Reminds me a bit of the Liberty V12 in "Babs",the old LandSpeed record car at Pendine.
    Just my random thoughts.
  6. ploughman

    ploughman New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I seem to remember a similar engine on display at the fleet air arm museum, it was from a german airship, I believe.
  7. Dazzla

    Dazzla Member

    An early Maybach then ?

    It looks a bit heavily built for a flying machine. My first thought was it was an early "supercar" engine. And most of those were of German origin.

    I like the idea of cranking it over with that starting handle. A job for chauffeur !

  8. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    Yes I was thinking its a bit on the weighty side for aviation with that honking great flywheel! I would think possibly very early commercial vehicle. Some of those omnibus engines were works of art.

  9. FDEO

    FDEO New Member

    What price a racing power boat engine? The exhaust stubs look just about right and a big flywheel is necessary with a small high speed propeller. Dual ignition would be a seamanlike precaution in such an environment.

  10. lambe

    lambe Member

    I don't know, but what a beutiful piece of engine to grace any collection,

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