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Discussion in 'Events' started by admin, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. admin

    admin New Member

    Cotswold Oil Engine & Preservation Society are holding a Bring & Buy sale at Enstone Airfield. Chipping Noton, Oxfordshire , OX7 4NP on Saturday the 13th November.

    Entrance is off the B4022 , signposted on the day with gates opening at 7.30 am, usually finishes by about 2pm.
  2. miley_bob

    miley_bob Member

    We will be there. Its 188 miles each way for us, but its always worth the drive.
  3. miley_bob

    miley_bob Member

    Any1 else going?
  4. Landy

    Landy New Member

    I'll be going.

  5. Is it the usual cups of tea at Martins van?


  6. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    I'll bring me cup then :)

  7. Dazzla

    Dazzla Member

    Can I ask a favour ?

    If you take stuff to sell, please have a list of prices. I'm fed up with asking how much something is only to be told "I don't know, the owner is away but will be back in a few minutes" only to return a few minutes later find he's either not returned or the item has sold !!!!

  8. JohnD

    JohnD Member

    Anyone get anything nice at Enstone :) ?

  9. miley_bob

    miley_bob Member

    Its not on until next weekend
  10. Skankin_giant

    Skankin_giant Well-Known Member

    Gutted im going to be flying state side with work :(

    Cheers Steve
  11. JohnD

    JohnD Member

    Sorry - I thought it was this weekend :oops:

    John :wink:
  12. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    I thought that I might get bought or made a cuppa myself this year for a change :D , anyway I havent said I'm going yet, after sorting the roof today I scrapped around for stuff to sell and came up with nowt much to my wifes annoyance.
    Not in a very good mood at moment. I have lost a 1GB card from my camera with a load of pictures I took yesterday on a train excursion around the Midlands plus the pictures I took at Appleday :(

    Martin P
  13. JohnD

    JohnD Member

    I feel your pain Martin , In august we were at one of the bigger rallies over here, which i took 400+ photo's , came home and put the sd card into the pc,and somehow the card had formatted :cry:
    I did try to recover the picture's using software but it did'nt work .

  14. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    I'm not going if youre not there Martin.. wont be the same not having my leg pulled! :)
    Anyway you will miss Warner, Listerboi and Allan, plus any others I can drag along to sell.
  15. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    As its you I will go :D how much do you want for the Warner, I could do with an egg layer at the bottom of the garden.

    Martin P
  16. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member

    Joy after much searching and moving objects in the spare room errant memory card has been found, happy again, ish :D

    Martin P
  17. Warner

    Warner New Member

    Glad you found your card Martin, as Mark says I hope to get to Enstone for the first time, If I do I'll bring along some more HF specials along for you :D .
    Here's hoping the weather behaves itself.

  18. marshall-man

    marshall-man New Member

    if you have never been befor the best addvice i can give you take a bloody good coat !!!!

    oh and plenty of cash
  19. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    :oops: Oops, just realised what I'd put. Meant to say anyone else that wants to sell some junk or is that what I tend to come home with :?
    Glad you found your card Martin. I did a stupid thing once, visiting a collection. Taking the camera out I decided to change the card, put the old one on the roof of the car and completely forgot it. Wasnt until I got back to my mates house that I realised what I'd done. :oops: Amazingly the chap went and looked the next day and found it! It had managed to stay on whilst I turned round and bumped along the track only sliding off as I accelerated down the lane. I bet you couldnt repeat that!

  20. JohnM

    JohnM Member

    Coat, hat, gloves, scarf, thick socks. They all help but eventually the Enstone cold will win. The last few years even the bacon van has been absent. Get there early and expect to leave at about lunchtime, generally with a smile, a boot full of toys and a lighter wallet.

    My wife has a theory that Enstone and the like are just permanently recycling stuff. Folks buy things and a few years later they re-appear for sale again. Having been going for some years, there's a certain logic in what she says. It could have something to do with the same folks always being there as well. It's still an event to be recommended though.

    See you all there.

    John (paid up member of the sad git club)

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