Enstone Bring and Buy

Discussion in 'Events' started by admin, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    John, why are you a member of the sad git club? If its with reference to engines, I think not!
    I cant see the logic in watching a group of blokes kick a bag of wind round a field, especially as some of them earn more in a day than I do in years! and we still support them!!! Sad Gits Definitely!

    Back to Enstone should be a good day out but as John says wrap up warm.

    See you all there

  2. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member

    All a bunch of winging softies :D
  3. JohnM

    JohnM Member

    It's all down to insulation Martin :wink:
  4. ploughman

    ploughman New Member

    Hi, he has probably got a camping stove in each pants leg!
  5. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    Look forward to seeing you in your summer outfit then Martin :lol:
  6. miley_bob

    miley_bob Member

    We have just got back after an excellent few hours at Enstone. People we caught up with include
    Martin P & Peter
    PTE & his evil twin Dave Thornton Evisson
    Mark (Numpty)

    Apologies if ive missed anyone.

    We managed to fill the back of MP's van with our purchases throughout the morning (much to his annoyance). Though we didnt take him up on the usual cup of tea, as his price list wasn't Yorkshire friendly ;-)
  7. JohnM

    JohnM Member

    I've also returned after a good morning. Met a few of the group, apolgies to those where I couldn't put names and faces together.
    Bought a few taps and dies. Just going to file their details on the computer before they get put away in the workshop. Also bought a few bolts and washers to bolster my stock levels. There was a strange looking dividing head like thing that fascinated me. It doesn't index round on a handle. To rotate it, you release a clamp and move it by hand to the next position. There's a fine adjustment available when it's almost there. It looks well made (certainly heavy enough) and comes fron Bridgeport, Connecticut. There's one here http://cgi.ebay.com/Sorensen-9-1-4-Layo ... 0036725912 When I got it home and carried it into the workshop, it managed to catch the pocket of my trousers in a way that it wouldn’t let go. There was no way I could hold the weight for long so had to hang onto it with one hand while undoing my belt etc with the other before lowering the assembly to the floor. Most embarrassing. Oh yes, got it for £20 which seemed good to me.
    The only other item of note was a bike for my wife. She seems to go through these remarkably quickly but as she rides over 100 miles a week to and from work (that means about 5000 miles a year) it’s not surprising. Got me some brownie points anyway and only cost £20.
    Well I’ve just about thawed out now so beginning to look forward to the next one.

  8. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    mike there was nothing wrong with my prices as the decision was made by the customer as to whether he required abuse with his tea :D

    By the way John " it wasnt cold today", Paul (Warner) cant wait for breakfast tomorrow to try out the HF specials, one in the box must have caused a lot of pain to pass as its huge :D

    Bought a tiny micrometer which as far as I can tell is made from a Brass and I have since found out is I believe a Watchmakers micrometer.

    A nice little thing I think and actually accurate as well.

    Martin P
  9. Warner

    Warner New Member

    Firstly appologies to Andy & Mike for not introducing myself, I only realised who you were when Mark later put names to faces :D
    Secondly, this was my first visit as was my friend Malc's as well.
    Always nice to pass time rummaging through a good assortment of treasures, (not the same word my wife uses) and meet up with friends old and new. Managed to restrain myself on the spending front and for once stuck to my original wanted items list (very long) and found a few things I had been looking for, so all in all a very enjoyable morning.
    I look forward to seeing you all next time.

  10. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    Please dont apologise to Mike and Andy, it only causes there ego's to grow :D
    You gave me the impression that Mark had filled your Discovery hence stopping you from purchasing items, am I to assume you fibbed :D

    Martin P
  11. nickh

    nickh Member

    Seemed to be plenty of engines changing hands, mostly small to medium sized open crank stuff - not really my thing nowadays. There was a very nice little American lighting set the name of which escapes me - vertical side valve single with crank case cast in unit with dynamo frame - £650 I think and probably worth it. A horizontal air cooled Farryman diesel might just have called to me but was already sold. A Lake Breeze hot air engine fan was very nice, and rare in this country but unfortunately not as rare as a spare £750 at the moment.

    Came away with only a few minor purchases but a most enjoyable morning's foraging none the less.

  12. Warner

    Warner New Member


    Well we met with one of Mark's purchases directly we arrived and proceeded to fill most of the available space, giving me the oppertunity of earning some serious brownie points for going home (mostly) empty handed for once :D
    In fact its been a good week so far because I also fixed the Tumbledrier which had been laid up for some considerable time, so with brownie points at an all time high, stands me in good stead for the next ensemble, might even get the trailer out as well :D

  13. marshall-man

    marshall-man New Member

    spent abit bought some very usefully bits 2 mag brackets for 5hp[ petter m so will have 3 engine with there own mag and bracket now not having to share 1 between 3 lister L fuel/oil pump and 1 big handle forgot to messure the lister p up befor i left 1/4" to big but i might bore and bush it as i have two engine with the same crank and will need it on the one oh and came home with a hercules
    had a great time loads of petter m's but thought the two bradfords and the crossley 1040 was cheap
    all ready looking forwerd to the next one
  14. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    Well I did warn you Paul.. Amazingly most purchases I made were for absent friends, Honest Guv :)
    The other party including Allan (he of Lister TK fame) went home stacked out. I think Allan was expecting to ride home on the roof! so they obviously found some bargains.
    Nick, the little genset was an american Matthews, never seen one before, and agree it looked nice.
    Good to meet up with folks again, and if your collecting p**s Martin I'll remember to fill a few jars next time, or ask Baldrick to help.
  15. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    I dont collect it, I only take it. You will have noticed that if you spend your waking hours amongst the greats of this hobby then some of their greatness rubs off and as they say if you cant beat them then join them.
    I also subscribe to the notion that if somebody is taking the mick out of you thats fine because otherwise they would be doing it to somebody else, its an honour.


    I would like to add that just because its coming on to winter please do not hibernate, I for one enjoy the trials and tribulations of this hobby and the banter that follows.
    I recently had a conversation with a couple of work collegues about friends etc and they had great difficuly getting their heads around the fact that I only have a couple of really close local friends to me, they appear to have loads to go out on a weekend and do things with. They couldnt understand that I could go anywhere in this country and see somebody I know because of the hobby.

    Martin P
  16. nickh

    nickh Member

    Thanks for the reminder. Similar unit now found in Wendel under Consolodated utilities Corp.

  17. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    Ah, thats why its priceless then :D

  18. SirClive

    SirClive New Member

    Unfortunately the external flywheel/fan on the dynamo end had a real wobble on it when the engine was rotated, I suspect it had been dropped on this end at some stage of its life.
  19. miley_bob

    miley_bob Member

    3/32" of wobble I suspect :)
  20. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    How dare you upset the good chap Sir Clive,aka Dave, you know he gets a tad iritable when reminded of past adventures like the day a wheel fell off.
    Leave the poor chap in peace.

    Martin P :D

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