Enstone next Saturday

Discussion in 'Events' started by Landy, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Landy

    Landy New Member

    Firstly, who’s going? I’ll be there but not till about 10 ish.

    Secondly, I still need a float bowl and needle for my Ruston Hornsby 3PB, so if anyone spots one, please can they ring me!! Happy to give my mobile number to the usual suspects on this forum.

  2. miley_bob

    miley_bob Member

    We will be there. Hoping theres plenty of bargains to be had this year.
  3. TangyeDan

    TangyeDan Active Member

    I shall be there with a van-load of quality items, so there will be a few bargains to be had... ;-)


  4. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    I have assembled a few choice pieces to take along to the event.

    Martin P
  5. gazmill

    gazmill Member

    We'll be there with our small brown dog :D
    I'm going to take some bit's to try and shift as I can't get in any of my sheds at the mo.

    Cheers Gary..
  6. TangyeDan

    TangyeDan Active Member

    You just need bigger doors...

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  7. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    Has anyone had a look at the weather forecast! :(
  8. Landy

    Landy New Member

    It will be fine, maybe just a little windy!!!!

  9. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    Having stood out in the mist and ran at the IF EOS you should be waterproof :D

    Martin P
  10. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    When is it ever not windy at Enstone...

    Mr P. Its not the getting wet so much, more the possible lack of goodies

    to rummage through!!!!!!!!

  11. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    On a more serious note, Listening to the wind howling down the chimney tonight Ive just checked both the Met Office and Metcheck. Bit of a conflict here but as the Met Office are bang on at the moment they are forecasting strong to gale force winds. In this 'elf n safety' age, does anyone know if it might be cancelled?

    All being well myself and Allan(twin lister) will be there about 10am.
  12. TangyeDan

    TangyeDan Active Member

    Big lumps of cast iron don't tend to blow around so we should be OK...

  13. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    I know enginemen will put up with anything. :lol:

    I was thinking more of the site owners but obviously its never been

    cancelled in the past.
  14. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    Its a very windswept hilltop and tends to get B cold and wet. Wind and waterproof coat with hat and gloves are essential.

  15. shaggy3000

    shaggy3000 Member

    Hi guys,
    Weather forecast for this weekend is very wet and windy so rain gear is going to be a must.

    cheers gaz
  16. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member

    Well Gentlemen,

    Drove to Enstone in nice weather, arrived at 08:30 and set out my stall.
    I was selling for myself and a friend who is giving up engines and had two mates with me, one was selling and one buying.
    The weather held until 11:30 ish when the rain started and when it got harder around 12:00 we decided to call it a day by which time I had shifted most of my stuff and a fair bit of my friends and my mate who was with me didn't do to bad either.
    Home by 13:30 to a bowl of soup and cuppa. Spoke to all of my friends including the king of wind up Mr Philip T-E, Gary, Nick, Dan, Les, Kim, Peter, Hugh, Mike, Andy and Mervyn from the club. Unfortunately I missed Roland but I think he never attended mores the pity.

    Martin P
  17. TangyeDan

    TangyeDan Active Member

    Not a bad day really considering the weather forecast... Nice to see everyone, thanks to Andy M for minding my stall whilst I had a quick walk round :) Sold a load of stuff which has cleared some space, sadly though a nice original low-hours Ruston 6PS followed me home and that has filled the gap I managed to create :lol:

  18. miley_bob

    miley_bob Member

    I managed to pick up a couple of spares, and a nice repro Ruston & Hornsby Plaque. Not as many stalls present as usual, but understandable given the terrible forecast. Met up with a number of friends and had a good time. Sadly I did manage to miss out on a lovely little Lister H type. I had just finsihed giving it the once over and was about to say to the owner that I would have it, when I was beaten to it :(
  19. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    Definitely not as many stalls as usual but a very good turnout considering the weather. My colleague enjoyed his first visit there and we managed to take home a bitza Lister D for a Club project to encourage youngsters into the hobby.

    Sorry we didnt get to have a chat Campingstoveman but as we were late arrivals, time was against us. Good to see everyone else and shame Gazmill couldnt make it.

    Hope everyone got home safely, we saw a few that didnt on the way back to Sussex.
  20. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    And there was I thinking I had upset you both, I must try harder. :D
    Philip T-E sought me out and as we passed pleasantry's he commented on the fact that I had not managed to wind anybody up recently, I still haven't worked out if that was a complement or not :D

    Martin P

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