Enstone next Saturday

Discussion in 'Events' started by Landy, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Numpty1

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    Not at all Martin, having worked in a machine shop now for 5 years Ive had to try and grow a thick skin. All I need now is a sense of humour to go with it?

    I think Allan was too engrossed in looking at all the goodies.
    I must remember though not to wind up his wife... she was less than impressed when we returned and I asked where the new arrival should go! (fortunately we had already delivered it to the chap running the kids workshop scheme). Oops.
  2. gazmill

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    Sorry if I let anyone down, got soaked loading the van on Friday evening in the pi**ing rain!. I felt rather rough this morning so thought it sensible to give it a miss! feeling a bit better now.

    Cheers Gary..
  3. admin

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    70mph winds here and torrential rain. Luckily we had sufficient warning and everything outside was well sheetedand roped.

  4. Numpty1

    Numpty1 Member

    I dont think you let anyone down Gaz, if your not feeling well, yesterday was not the conditions to go out in.
    My little Berlingo was getting blown about quite a bit on the way back so you needed to concentrate on driving the whole time, felt pretty knackered when I got home.

    Glad to hear everything is alright at the museum. It must have been pretty rough there. Fortunately the 80mph winds forecast for the South East coast didnt materialise.
  5. Trust Martins bed is still in place, he will need it in December for the Victorian night.


  6. campingstoveman

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    Shame I'm unlikely to be going :D , I've got no Hol's left so it would almost be a there and back in a day run with no time to rest.

    Martin P

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