fancy a challenge....identify this !!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Identification' started by pp-admin, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. pp-admin

    pp-admin Member

    found this on ebay....anybody got any thoughts....seller claims its a lister...looks very odd to me....

    look under item number 260536277427

    happy new year to you all.

  2. miley_bob

    miley_bob Member

    Already been onto it. I can see a night reading the A-Z coming up :)
  3. chas

    chas Member

    Sure it is the remains of a Kelvin marine poppet valve engine circa 1920.
    Twin cylinder shown below for comparison.

    Laoag City

  4. rob1808

    rob1808 New Member

    Most certainly a Kelvin poppet valve single. In fact the picture posted by Chas is a of an example owned by myself at one time.
  5. chas

    chas Member

    Rob1808 that is a nice engine. Tell me are the numerous covers on the silencer just for variable positions of the outlet or do they have another purpose?

  6. TangyeDan

    TangyeDan Active Member

    Thanks Dave - I knew I recognised it, but gave up searching the A to Z at about 1130 last night!

  7. rob1808

    rob1808 New Member

    Correct Dave, the silencer and exhaust were able to be set up in various configurations including closed circuit with a heat exchanger to suit the situation.
    Normally as in most small boat practice the exhaust left through the same pipe as the cooling water. However I set this one up as a closed circuit cooling system to keep the limited volume of cooling water reasonably clean.
    Still quite a few in service.
  8. roadster

    roadster Member

    Thanks for posting this. I needed a globe silencer to finish one of my other kelvin poppets. I succesfully bid on this, paying more than I think the engine is worth, but in the hope that the silencer would be OK. I collected it as it was just off one of my regular routes and, yes, the silencer is fine. The rest of it is probably scrap so will join the pile of bits which although u/s may have some salvageable components!
  9. moggytom

    moggytom New Member

    i am also looking for some parts to finish a kelvin poppet valve, i need a carburettor for a 6 hp paraffin engine and a globe silencer, also a set of piston rings. thanks tom

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