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    Here is some info for removing flywheel keys that some poeple might find usefull, I have just stipped a Old lister N which had been outside for around 70 years, when i came to remove the flywheel keys nothing would work, all the normal techniques failed, and out of 17 or so engines i have restored these where the worst, The solution which i used was so simple and afective that it bugs me now to think of all the hours i have spent in the past trying to remove keys,

    What i did was to use a piece of heavy gauge 25mm x 25mm angle iron, it needs to be 5mm thick or so, I place the angle iron in the gap between the flywheel and the head of the key so that the point of angle faced down towards the crankshaft, Now the angle iron in my case was about 2mm - 3mm to wide to alow it to fit in the gap, This is the key thing to obtain if it fits use shims to get the desired tolerance. The angle iron was then hammered down towards the shaft to cause it to push the key out against the flywheel ( see drawing) Using this method the second key came out in seconds, i have never seen such a result


    I hope this is of use to people,


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