Fuel Pump Pawl for Lister CS

Discussion in 'Parts/Engines Wanted' started by Andries, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. Andries

    Andries New Member

    I'm looking for the Fuel Pump Pawl for my Lister CS to make it complete.

    Herewith I send a pdf file with the Pawl parts I'm looking for.

    Thank for reading it and hope somebody will have a look in his shed


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  2. robtheplumb

    robtheplumb Member

    Should it have one? Think the startamatic engines didn't have one fitted.
  3. David Lacey

    David Lacey New Member

    I don't honestly think you'll need it - it is a simple excess fuel device to aid cold starting. My CS6 never needed it to start.

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