Gardner 8L3 Diesel Injectors and starter.Both Recon

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    I have a full set of L3 injectors that I bought a few years back but never fitted. Unfortunately a recent illness means I really cant be working on the big boats any more so I'm selling the parts i collected for the last one. These injectors are recon and are still in the plastic bags they arrived in. I have nine in total as i always like a spare and are of course non exchange units. Cost me well over £500 a few years back so looking to get something simular but thought I would give a good price to anyone from this site that needs them before flea bay gets the listing.
    I also have a recon starter for the same Gardner 8L3. This was bought but again not fitted and was was purchased privately a few years back but does look in top notch condition so I believe it is a recon but as I said never fitted. Its is a standard clockwise rotation but I bought it with the intention of using it to rebuild another CAV 8L3 starter but running the opposite direction.The engine in the last was originally the port engine of a pair. The original backward starter is still complete but in pieces after a large company reconditioned it but decided that the front bearing didnt need a seal or indeed fitting correctly. Thanks.. Anyway if you want the standard rotation then I will give you the other for free.
    Im open to offers so be quick and the parts are in Bristol but could post for a charge...
    Thanks Sean...07481349423....

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