Gib Key trials and tribulations + welding !!!

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by pp-admin, Feb 26, 2016.

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    On my tombstone I will have the following text...

    "goodbye cruel world........goodbye gib key hell!!".

    well, its not really quite that bad, but gib keys are not my favourite part of our hobby. I currently have a difficult lister gib key that I have been trying to remove for many many months. There is very little left of the gib key that I can weld to and the head has long since gone leaving a half inch stub sticking out as the only part I can actually get to.

    I have made a tool to weld gib keys to and then pull them out. It has worked very well on the 6 occasions I have used it but on this particular key, the weld on the remains of the key fractures every time in the same place. I have a very sexy new Mig welder that produces astounding results and a 16 amp supply to feed it. I am fastidious about weld prep and the area to be welded is polished and de greased.

    I wonder if the problem is that the cast iron flywheel in a cold damp workshop is acting as a massive heat sink and reducing the effective bonding of my mig welding on the gib key metal.

    My question to all you experienced welders is would it make a difference to the integrity of the MIG weld if I heated the cast flywheel first before I welded it using a decent gas blow torch. I know that wedling cast iron requires pre heating of the casting first. I have never needed to do this welding mild steel sheet or machined items....would I gain anything ???

    Any technical wisdom would be most welcome.

    I will eventually post some details about by heath robinson gib key extractor and chain flywheel puller as they really do seem to work (to my surprise !!).

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    Pre-heating is a good idea even on mild steel if it's thick enough (10mm+). Although the key isn't that large, the thermal effect of all that metal around it makes it behave as if it was. Also, a bit of heat may help loosen the key. Just be careful how much heat you put into the cast iron flywheel boss.

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