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    Please can anybody throw some light on manufacturer/model of a deep well pump that we have inherited and wish to get running again. The pump is associated with a bore hole that was established in 1949 and is belt driven from a Petter PAZ1 engine. We understand that pump, engine and bore hole were all operational until approx 10-15 years ago but has fakllen into disuse since. We aim to get it all running again.

    Pump/engine installation pics are attached as well as 2 pictures of pumps that I found on the internet, one attributed as a Lister Deep Well pump and the second as a Gosling. The Gosling labelled pump is most like ours. Anyone have any info and/or literature/specifications on the pump?

    Many thanks.

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  2. TangyeDan

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    It's likely to be a Godwin pump. Some of Lister's pumps were bought in from Godwins.

  3. BarryS

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    Thanks Dan. Unfortunately though, I haven't been able to find anything from an extensive internet trawl that shows or illustrates a Godwin pump that looks like our pump.

    It looks like our pump has been modified with a counterbalance arrangement which I guess may be due to the depth of the well. The 1948 record state depth of bore to be 85 feet with "rest-level" of water at 64 feet and suction depth 82 feet.
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