How to get pictures up on posts quick guide.

Discussion in 'Hints & Tips' started by boblester, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. boblester

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    Just a quick guide, if you want to place images on a post it is very simple....

    1./ Take said pictures using a digital camera (try to keep it engine related ) most cameras will give you the picture in a .JPG format .

    2./ Copy the pictures off the camera on to you computer .

    3./ Using the powers of the internet and a search engine type "free image hosting" and you should be presented with a raft of choices , a good one is photobucket or imageshack there are plenty which do the same job.

    4./ On the image hosting page there should be a box you can click to browse for the photo you want to upload , click this and select the photo you want and click upload.

    5./ After the upload has finished it will produce a number of links or web address for example ... 045uv0.jpg

    simply copy and paste these links into your post and the image will be displayed , also they will give you the option including URL referances which will display the picture in the post but be carefull you picture is not to big as it can swamp the post .

    The other option is to open a photo gallery on internal fire forum and upload your pictures and host your pictures there .

    Hope this helps
  2. campingstoveman

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    Not wishing to steal Bob's thunder I would seriously recommend Google's Picasa. It has one feature I find most useful, the software scans your computer and creates a thumbnail of every single picture you have so when you next start the software you have a scrolling page with every picture folder with all its contents and searching is made very easy.

    Martin P
  3. lambe

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    Does pasting the picture to a piece of sheet material of appropriate size ,find a hammer and a couple of decent nails help? ps mind your fingers when hammering.
  4. Elden

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    I wonder if this works?

  5. Elden

    Elden New Member

    Oh, well - I guess not.
  6. TangyeDan

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    Your Tags were the wrong way round...

  7. Elden

    Elden New Member


    Ahh! I see! All I did wrong was get the [/img] ahead of the .

    If I'd reversed them, the image would have worked.

    Oh, well - what do you expect from an old, retired, lazy and bone-idle Geezer?

    Now, if I can only remember how that's done. :)


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