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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by sion, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. sion

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    Hello All, I have just bought this unit, long distance on the basis of the seller not knowing what it was off other than thinking it was an alternator of about 4kva, i think its maybe a little small for that, i would have guessed 2 or at most 3Kva.

    It wasn't alot of money and i'm not bothered about that, but i'm not sure it will be useful to me as once I got around to looking at it properly at home I saw it has a Commutator, and my knowledge of electrical things is far from extensive, but I don't understand why an ac generator would need a commutator; it also has a slip ring too.

    I have taken pictures of what I think is relevant, but could easily take better pictures of anything specific:

    Just found out you can only add 3 pics per post, so...
  2. sion

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  3. sion

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    finally, this is a look at the outside of the sort of connection box:

    There doesn't seem to be another way to connect anything up other than the 2 outputs through the hand nuts on the outside of the connection box, as i did wonder if maybe it does produce ac, but also a dc smaller output somehow for charging a starter battery or something like that.

    Anyway, it would be great if someone recognizes its make or type, or could possibly tell me more about how to measure or discover its output capacity, i have a voltmeter so i can check things out in a limited way.

    Thanks for looking - Sion
  4. grendel

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    DC part with the commutator is probably the exciter. It's output should go to the slip rings of the alternator, through a voltage regulator, providing the excitation voltage to the rotor. AC outputs should be connected to the stator.
    I can't tell exactly from the pics.

  5. boat_man

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    It looks similar to a Lister startermatic Alternator which has a commutator & two sliprings .Commutator for starting & battery charging,sliprings AC output.


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