Internal Fire Easter Crankup

Discussion in 'Events' started by admin, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. admin

    admin New Member

    5th Annual Easter Crankup

    Easter Sunday & Monday, March 23rd/24th from 10:30 until 5:00

    We open for the new season on Saturday the 22nd of March and camping is available for the weekend if anyone fancies coming early

    Engines running every day as usual and this year we will be having another fund raising auction Monday afternoon, full details on the website in February.

    Hope you can make it, Paul & Hazel

    Entry form at
  2. petterlight

    petterlight New Member

    Yo! Dave and Graham, (Petterlights) will be in attendance for the whole week end. :D
  3. admin

    admin New Member

    I'll get the beers in the fridge then :)
  4. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    Good news :) However if you wish to joust you'll need to bring a working DPA pump..

  5. boblester

    boblester Member

    Ill best keep a distance with my pseudo petter light set which we hope to bring :lol:
  6. SirClive

    SirClive New Member

    Better get a few more in! Len Gilliings is definitely going to be along, and I'm hoping to be there as well :D
  7. ArthurG

    ArthurG New Member

    I'm looking forward to all this beer. I'll see two of you all there. :)

    Don't forget you'll need fuel for both of the M.P.S. too.

    Arthur G
  8. boblester

    boblester Member

    Whats the mixing ratio for the M.P.S was it two parts pot noodle and 10 parts ale :D :D
  9. ArthurG

    ArthurG New Member

    That depends if it is a gas engine or not. ;-)

    Runs away really fast and hides
  10. admin

    admin New Member

    And if hot toddy is required, Arthur will be happy to make some on one the Tangye main bearings :)
  11. ArthurG

    ArthurG New Member

    You just can't beat that smoky flavour :) :)
  12. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    That tiny little mistake will never be forgotten will it, we all have to be remembered for something :D

    Martin P
  13. ArthurG

    ArthurG New Member

    Phew, I can see I'm going to need that beer! ;-)
  14. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    Be careful now with that beer, what's worse an Irishman in charge of a Tangye or an Irishman with a beer in charge of a Tangye :lol:

    Martin P
  15. gazmill

    gazmill Member

    Watch out Arthur they'll be breaking out the rammer jokes soon :D

  16. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    Tell more, have I missed something regarding dear Arthur and rammer jokes. One must be told :D

    Martin P
  17. gazmill

    gazmill Member

    Sorry Martin I've no dirt on our good friend Arthur

    It's just I once suggested to Arthur he should have a go with the museums warsop but he declined saying you lot would never let him live it down :lol:

    Cheers Gary..
  18. miley_bob

    miley_bob Member

    I understand that the 1st asylum seeker managed to cross the border successfully and made it to the museum today.

    Only joking Dan
  19. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member

    Another foreigner is on his way tomorrow with a telephone exchange in tow so that the locals can contact the outside world :D
    That and a drop of oil to keep the tractors happy.

    Martin P
  20. Landy

    Landy New Member

    Who are they going to get to run the switchboard?!


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