Lister 6/1 Start-o-matic

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by Terry, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. Terry

    Terry New Member

    Lister 6/1 No. 9180513 6H.P. 650rpm 2.5kW start-o-matic

    Engine has sat for 2 years and will not fire (hand cranking)

    Looking for Engine Insruction Book 103

    Anyone know what reading should be on compession test?

    Would like to contact anyone with similar engine
  2. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    If the exhaust valve has been left propped open for two years its quite possible that the valve and/or seat have rusted or the rings and bore have dried. Squirt a little oil into the bore to check whether its rings or valves.
    If you have good compression then: Does the injector "creak" as you turn the engine?

    Roland Craven
  3. admin

    admin New Member

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