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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by oldbeema, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. oldbeema

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    Happily I recently 'found' what I believe to be a Lister Type A stationary engine.

    The engine is single cylinder, side valve, twin flywheel, 4.5" bore, water cooled (open jacket), Lucas magneto, 18" flywheel, and marked with the inscription B209 on the water jacket.

    I plan to get the little beast running which looks fairly simple enough, since it is complete. Does anyone have any tips or historical background?

  2. boblester

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    aahh! the begining of a adictive bug, There is a monthly mag called stationary engine which has all the contacts you could wish, you need to write to a guy called David edgington, Lodge wood farm, hawkeridge,westbury, wiltshire, BA13 4LA, give him the engine info and he will check the records to see its history. If you donate to internal fire museum you can download the manual and parts lists. things to esatblish are ..

    spark, clean the points

    fuel, check that lift pump is still working

    Oil, recomend a change


    Govener, check it is all free

    good luck and enjoy


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