Lister CS valve stem lubrication

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by sion, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. sion

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    We are running a CS daily, 8 hours or more, and it seems to use quite a lot of oil from the rocker box well, more than I imagine it should anyway. Its done plenty of work, and i'll be happy to give it new valve stems, but I wonder how much oil should be disappearing from there, I fill that area to within a few millimetres of the top, and half of that will go in 8 hours, maybe that is normal, the manual doesn't give an indication of usage, just that it should be kept topped up.

    I hope I'm not repeating a question that has already been asked, I've had a search around and couldn't find anything helpful.

    - Sion
  2. pp-admin

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    this is not that bad for an engine actually working longish hours. all old listers leaked and dribbled oil and topping it up was a regular daily event. i would check your valve guides for excessive wear and strip the head if any doubts. another general factor is how much oil is being totally lost (ie consumed) by the engine.

  3. sion

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    Thanks for the reply Gerry, I had thought it might be using more than it ought to be because it would be easy for a start o matic set to run long hours without anybody remembering to look at it. I haven't checked anything for wear at the top there, and recently fitted a new piston and barrel, and I know that was the obvious time to look into things but I felt I needed to put it off because we need this engine and I know there is nothing seriously wrong with the head at the moment, I plan a more thorough strip down in the near future once we have an alternative power source arranged.

    I don't think I got the total bump clearance quite right as its tipping the exhaust valve when its lifted when running above about 500rpm. There was a tiny bit of play in the little end bush which must contribute to that problem; I couldn't detect any play in the big end or the mains happily though.

    Prior to the new piston and barrel it was using quite a bit of oil, mostly leaving through the main bearings due to the ~1/8" gap around the piston. Now its excellent and sounds quite nice too. I've read plenty about the quality of new replacement parts but I was impressed with what I received. Each ring gap was spot on the 12 thou and I though the finish of it all to be good except perhaps the circlip grooves in the piston were a little bit vague. Though It does offend my way of thinking a bit that it was cheaper to buy a complete new piston and barrel kit than have the original rebored for an oversize piston.
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    My first question would be which area you are filling to the top? The wells, as shown at the end of the red arrow, or the larger area at the end of the Yellow arrow? If to the top of the large area that is your problem, you should only be filling the wells only. Personally I wouldn't pull down an otherwise good running engine until wear in the guides was causing other problems, just let the level go down to the point that consumption goes down and keep it there. To answer your question it would be considered normal for an engine working 8 hours to consume about half the oil from the wells.


  5. Jake65mm

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    Butch nice twin you got there, kinda look familiar.
  6. tezfair

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    Mine (startomatic) leaks from the top and also weeps from the head gasket after a weekend of hard running. Never been an issue and I would say it's safe to ignore (assuming there's no rattles etc)

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