Lister D Type Fuel

Discussion in 'Hints & Tips' started by Antony Carpenter, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. Antony Carpenter

    Antony Carpenter New Member

    Hi, I have just bought my first lister D type.
    I plan to restore it but have a silly question about fuel
    What fuel should I use?

  2. air-cooled

    air-cooled Member

    Hi Tony,
    Welcome to the Internal Fire forum.
    Your Lister D uses ordinary petrol available from any garage/supermarket forecourt.
    It will not need any additives.
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  3. Antony Carpenter

    Antony Carpenter New Member

    Many thanks for your quick reply, it might be some time before I need fuel but looking forward on working on the engine. I have a narrow boat with a JP3 and enjoy the engine.

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