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Discussion in 'Identification' started by picklesquirt, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. picklesquirt

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    Hi all,

    Been playing this afternoon. A friend in the village has dragged this out of a barn where it has been untouched for thirty years.
    I assume there is a manual available for it , but what engine is it? The plate has gone on the engine but the alternator and the exciter data is all there. It's 4kVA 230v etc. The alternator must weigh as much as the engine. I assume it the next generation of the CS

  2. rustykev1

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    I reckon that it is the CD. Made 1933 to 1952
  3. picklesquirt

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    Thanks Kev,

    Do you know what oil to use sae 20 or 30?
    Does anybody recognise this set? It does not appear to be a Startomatic, also there is space on the baseplate for another machine and a larger dia V belt pulley behind the other flywheel.


  4. rustykev1

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    Have you seen ... cetech.htm
    Also ... /ident.htm

    You will see that the PO commonly used these sets.

    As for oil - the answer is I do not know. If it helps, we used sae 30 in our Russell Newbery twin. It was Morris Lubricants Classic brand as it contained no modern detergents - important on an older engine.

    However, I always worked on the basis that oil is relatively cheap - use the best you can afford and change it regularly.
  5. picklesquirt

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    Thanks Kev,

    Once I knew what I was looking it became much easier.
    I have downloaded the manual, which is helpful but does not seen to quote any torque figs for the cylinder head. Perhaps "tight" is the answer, I'll use the figs from the CS.
    The exhaust valve was leaking - not surprising if it stopped open but a hand lap should be sufficient the faces are remarkably good. The engine is very clean inside the top with no carbon stuck to the piston and the bore looks perfect. Bottom end is full of gunge though. It's either done very little work or been well looked after.
    I'm curious about the other set of slotted holes in the base and the larger V belt pulley behind the other flywheel. Also the alternator seems massive for 4 kVA and then has a separate exciter.
    I think the owner has romantic ideas of going "off grid"---- That should wind somebody up :twisted:



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