lister generator output not quite right.

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    i have taken the plunge to try and get my lister hr generator running properly.

    the engine is in very good nick and has no issues.

    cant say the same for the 1970's full standby control cabinet and the maze of electro mechanical control systems inside it!!

    that said, its well laid out and beautifully wired up and there is a sporting chance a dimwit like me can probably get it right...eventually.

    the induction alternator (EEC) seems ok. no burning, no nasty smells...runs freely and all windings seem very good nick.

    the control panel has quite a few issues and i think it has been buggered about with a little but all the original setup is there and i have done basic checks on the many fuses and the 4 large chunkcy contactors...all seesm ok.


    none of the automatic controls seem to do much if anything.

    the battery start solenoid is buggered but i have started the genset by shorting this out and it fires up very well.

    when running, it does produce power but at about 260-270 volts ac and only 40-44 hertz.

    manually changing the engine idle screw ups the voltage (it was 310 volts ac at one point !!) but seems to not affect the hertz that much.

    its seems that the control systems are not doing anything.

    any assistance or suggestions gratefully received !!


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