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Discussion in 'Identification' started by jrhartley, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. jrhartley

    jrhartley New Member

    Hi everyone just picked a large H pump this week and need a bit of help identifying it.
    I think it may be a H5 or 6 but it does not have an I.D. plate.
    Does anyone have any guidance to sizes as all the literature I have is no help. :?
    cheers Jon
  2. Looking in the Manual section on here the only easy way to tell is by the following:-
    H4 & 5 has 2" BSP inlet & delivery
    H6 has 2.1/2" BSP inlet & delivery
    H7 has 3" BSP inlet & delivery
  3. jrhartley

    jrhartley New Member

    Cheers Andy will have a look tomorrow.
  4. jrhartley

    jrhartley New Member

    2 1/2'' so H6, thanks Andy cant wait to get hooked up to a engine :D
    Will post a video as soon as I have it running.

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