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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by Skankin_giant, May 4, 2016.

  1. Skankin_giant

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    So might be going to look at a Lister H1 pump tomorrow. Thought it would look good driven off the Sattley.

    [​IMG]13123420_10157060257295107_7088934374543544595_o by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    Is there anything to look out on them apart from frost damage?

    As far as I can tell it looks fairly clean but paint can hide a multitude of sins! The brass bungs look a bit chewed up and there is a bit of play in the side rods but all is free as it should be.

    I would be thankful for any advice.

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers, Steve
  2. picklesquirt

    picklesquirt Member

    Hello Steve,

    I refurbished one late last year. The only real wear on mine was the pinion shaft bearings, it had what looked like pipe cleaners for wicks from the oil reservoir, don't know if this is the preferred wick? or if it works ok assuming someone had put oil in it.
    Getting the cross shaft out was a good fit ,had to make a puller with some studding and lumps of steel.
    The brass plugs are invariably mullered , seems people cant stop and make an 1in sq plug to undo them.
    Mine had ss ball valves in cages but I believe some had flap valves. Mine was also coated with white powder all over its innards. Suspect it might have been a sprayer pump.

    Happy shopping
  3. Skankin_giant

    Skankin_giant Well-Known Member

  4. Victoria

    Victoria Member

    Check for worn teeth on the small ( hidden) pinion. I seem to recall the pinion is part of the shaft, might be difficult to effect a replacement.

  5. Skankin_giant

    Skankin_giant Well-Known Member

    Well it's now with me.... looks in good overall condition, one issue I can see if that it binds up the top of the stroke.

    [​IMG]IMG_20160504_195421 by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_20160504_195456 by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    Piston looks clean.

    [​IMG]IMG_20160504_195519 by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_20160504_195900 by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    Here seems to be the issue.

    [​IMG]IMG_20160504_195603 by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    Could do with a better cover.

    [​IMG]IMG_20160504_200227 by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    Had a move about of the pipes, will see what BSP I have out in the shed.

    [​IMG]IMG_20160504_200709 by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    Quite small things really.

    [​IMG]IMG_20160504_201034 by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_20160504_200946 by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    Fingers cross I can do something with it.

    Cheers, Steve
  6. lambe

    lambe Member

    A couple of things can cause your problems, it looks as though thethe gland is full- as the cross head drives the ? replacement stainless piston it bumps the stuffing gland which will nip the piston. if the piston is worn and barrel shaped then it made wedge at the larger diameter. Looks pretty though
  7. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    Looks good Steve. Please don't use pipe cleaners. Wicks are easy with worsted and brass wire.
    The glands appear to have been bruised/abused and have clearly been unevenly packed then tightened unevenly,

  8. Skankin_giant

    Skankin_giant Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the hints and tips, will have a look and see what I can do about the gland packing.

    Cheers, Steve

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