Lister L Crankcase cover query!

Discussion in 'Identification' started by EarlBathurst, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. EarlBathurst

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    Hi all, My Long term project is a Lister L , Number34113. my question to you is this; crank case breather is mounted on the door does this make it an early or late model? i have no way of telling being as the spec plate is missing ! the flywheels and crank have matching numbers This will also dictate what type of head it should carry being as the original was missing! Normally i would have stripped this one down but being as it came to me from my home village farmstead i have an attachment to it !.
    regards, Karl.
  2. Numpty1

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    Its going to be an early second series L or 2L as they were known. Head could be either dependant on customer or application but most likely fixed head.
  3. EarlBathurst

    EarlBathurst Member

    Hi all, problem solved ! A quick email to David Edgington and this was his reply ;
    was supplied to J.H.Perriman, Bishop's Nympton,Nr South Molton, Devon. 29/11/22. It is a 2L but almost certainly had the blind cylinder rather than a combustion head-.

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