lister ld1 dieing under load

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by dianepoulter, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. dianepoulter

    dianepoulter Member

    help please our lister dies under load 3kw genny runs ok with about 1,5kw but bigger load runes for about one minuet the dies as though out of diesel
  2. picklesquirt

    picklesquirt Member

    Have you checked the fuel filters aren't clogged.

  3. dianepoulter

    dianepoulter Member

    at the moment have taken filter out still the same
  4. highrange

    highrange Member

    Following the same line, does the engine use a fuel lift pump? If so, is that working effectively? .... if it uses gravity feed, is that working properly? (perhaps an internal tank filter that's partly clogged, kinked pipe, partly-blocked fuel tap ???);
  5. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    A 1.5 bhp Lister D would have a maximum of 750Watts and a 2hp = 1KW. I imagine the 3KW is not original and the poor little thing is simply grossly overloaded.

  6. Victoria

    Victoria Member

    That was my first thought exactly but then I realised its a diesel LD1 not a D type.

  7. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    Indeed but 5-6 bhp would be needed for a 3 KW output and the LD1 was never rated anywhere near that.

  8. picklesquirt

    picklesquirt Member

    I made a similar mistake or worse I did not read the title and then made two assumptions:

    1 It was a Lister CS or similar
    2 It had previously run happily and delivered 3kW

    It transpires neither was correct
    I fear the Ld1 will never "manage the expectation".

  9. pp-admin

    pp-admin Member

    the original LD1 genset had a max output of 1.5kva.

    can i suggest you upload a few photos and we can try and help.

  10. dianepoulter

    dianepoulter Member

    my mistake its a st1 not ld1
  11. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    There are two posts. You might want to delete the one with only your reply.

    The possible causes are legion and include:
    malfunctioning governor
    Lack of air - e.g. sticking valve (unlikely if it starts well), clogged air filter
    Lack of fuel - e.g. clogged fuel filter, bad injection pump or nozzle, vacuum forming in fuel tank.
    If it starts fine but dies under load I'd start with the filters and the fuel tank air entry.

    Will it restart immediately after dying or must you wait a few minutes?

    remote diagnosis is nigh on impossible.

  12. dianepoulter

    dianepoulter Member

    tank ok no vacuum on that, starts straight away no problem there but does smoke heavy before dying tried to delete but cant see how. thanks for trying to help . we need genny running 24/7
  13. grendel

    grendel Member

    Smoke under load points to lack of air.
    Remove the air filter and try again.

  14. dianepoulter

    dianepoulter Member

    tried without filter no difference do you think it may need a decoke
  15. highrange

    highrange Member

    Or could it be overloaded? (although if it's an ST1, the 10 or so rated HP should be enough!)

    Has the set run correctly previously? Has any work been done to it immediately prior to the problems starting?
  16. dianepoulter

    dianepoulter Member

    yes it ran fine before it used to punch out 3kw with no problem now cant even run small microwave dines after about one minute
  17. highrange

    highrange Member

    OK, I'm well out of my depth here!
    It seems to me that there's too much fuel (or not enough air) when the engine's loaded. If it's not a blocked air filter, and not overloading, could it be a governor problem that, instead of increasing fuelling proportionate to load, suddenly flips to "excess fuel" (starting) setting when the load comes on? Something like a broken governor spring? I'm just guessing wildly!
    As I said, out of my depth ... I know a bit about automotive diesels, but almost nothing about the smaller stationary variety - just what I've picked up from books :?
  18. picklesquirt

    picklesquirt Member

    Well out my depth also, but when did that stop me having silly thoughts.
    One question first - did your generator change it's ability to produce 3kW over a very short period or has it been getting gradually worse for some time?
    Not knowing the fuel pump on this engine does it behave sensibly i.e opening the rack gradually as you increase the load or as suggested previously does it jump to excess fuel.

    Has it been running for some time since a de-coke ? I'm wondering if there could be sufficient carbon build up on the inlet valve to restrict air inflow . Or is the exhaust system clogged up enough to put sufficient back pressure on it to preventing efficient scavenging.

    Final silly thought, anything changed with the alternator, is it getting hotter than it used to? is the engine using more fuel than usual?

  19. dianepoulter

    dianepoulter Member

    not had decoke before we were told it came out of a nuclear bomb shelter, at a rough guess l would say it been running for around 18 mths only stopping for 3 oil changes that's why l thought may be due a decoke but will have to strip and rebuild within about 4 hrs as we are off grid
  20. grendel

    grendel Member

    Remove the injector and put it on a test pump.
    See if that's ok.

    If so, test the fuel pump.


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