Magneto use E.I.C. Eclipse N

Discussion in 'Identification' started by Andries, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Andries

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    Can someone tell me something about the mentioned magneto and on which engine it was used?

    On the magneto is mentioned:
    E.I.C. Eclipse N
    Type: A1
    QS370 REF: D 117053
    With priming of ignition time
    Anti Clockwise Rotation

  2. Victoria

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    Afraid I cannot say specifically what engines EIC magnetos were used on but it is one of the less common manufacturers. As for "Eclipse N", that is merely the trade name used by James Neill & Co who were magnet manufacturers and suppliers to many makes of magneto notably BTH. The "N" represents the North pole of the magnet. See correspondance by myself and others in recent issues of Stationary Engine magazine on this subject over the past few months.
    Hope this helps?
  3. Victoria

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    I also found this, taken from an article I wrote a few years ago for Stationary Engine - quote "........This firm was Thompson-Bennett, one of its directors was Peter Bennett. Harry (Lucas)acquired the manufacturing part of the company, renamed Thompson-Bennett (Magnetos) Ltd with Peter Bennett as chairman while its factoring business was split off as James Thompson & Son, after the hostilities it was to become Brown Brothers (Factors) Ltd.
    In 1903 Peter Bennett had joined the firm of EIC (Electrcal Ignition Company) making sparking plug insulators, switches, coils and contact breakers and he had met Thompson in Scotland. Two years later EIC went into liquidation and Bennett and Thompson bought the firm retaining its name but also buying in magnetos from Bosch, Fischer. Later still, EIC under the new management, was making its own magnetos but for the smaller market for stationary and marine engines as Bosch still had the monopoly of the motor car manufacturers."

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