Making engine spec plates.

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  1. I tried rub on letteroset (?) but found it very difficult to make a neat job, there's another way though.
    Design the plate on the computer, then reverse it so all the letters are back to front, had some trouble doing it with word but got there in the end.
    Buy some PnP Blue paper. Got mine off ebay from cyprus, half the price of local electronic store. Print design off with a LASER printer.
    Cut a bit of brass or copper plate to size, clean it, warm it, and iron on the paper. Thats the finicky bit took a few tries to get it right.
    When its cooled peal off the paper and drop the plate in some ferric cloride or some other etching solution.
    When the letters are nice and pronounced wash with water then thinners to get rid of the toner.
    A quick dip in etchant another wash under the tap and spray some paint on it. After a day or two when the paint is hard (put mine in the oven to hurry it up!) very carefully rub away the paint on the raised parts with a piece of 600 - 1000 wet and dry. Quick polish with brasso.
    Jobs a good un.
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    Brass plates

    We used the self same technique many years ago to make up Engine name plates for our steam train which is a working scale model of the county of Middlesex, i must say it worked very well and we used letraset at the time.

    Cheers, Gerry.

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