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  1. cal50

    cal50 New Member

    Can someone tell me something about this engine,Marshall diesel-engine.
  2. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    Its very pretty :)

  3. chas

    chas Member

    Agree with Roland and not a common engine either. Looking at the "A" to "Z" it looks very similar to an "H" type. If the makers plate is still fitted what details are stamped on it?
    Would like to see some more photographs, it looks very interesting.
  4. cal50

    cal50 New Member

    The photo is not so good. But I write what is stand on the plate.
    Marshall Sons & Ltd
    Gainsboro England
    Here is more pictures.
  5. cal50

    cal50 New Member

  6. boblester

    boblester Member

    What a find beautiful condition , have you started the enigne ? and are you able to preserve her? I have no idea what the stationary movement is like in finland .

  7. cal50

    cal50 New Member

    Yes we have started the engine and it is working fine.We are interested to preserve the engine and we have create an associaton and we have rent the bilding where the engine is in place.We have right to preserve and control the engine for next 10 year.
  8. cal50

    cal50 New Member

  9. goodchip

    goodchip Member

    Please don't paint or shine this engine. Lovely patina! Thanks for the pictures and video. John
  10. goodchip

    goodchip Member

    What vidio? I'm going mad.
  11. goodchip

    goodchip Member

    Yes there is a vid,I really am mad. Excuse me.
  12. Mister_D_Lister

    Mister_D_Lister New Member

    That is a fabulous engine, she makes great music :) Look after her.

  13. cal50

    cal50 New Member

    Can anyone tell me more about this Marshall-engine? I have not found nothing about Marshall diesel-engines on the internet only Marshall steam-engines, the engine is type H and the serialnumber is 86000.

    Thanks Kari.
  14. david

    david New Member

    Dear Kari
    The type H was introduced in 1924, the range of engines was from 15bhp to 50bhp @250rpm
    F.J.Cribb was the chief engineer at Marshall's who designed and put into production the engine. Unfortunately he died soon after the introduction of the engine, so further styles of this engine were not developed.
    It is not known when production ceased, but it seems it was before 1939 as competition was very great.
    This information is from "The Story of The Britannia Iron Works" by Michael R Lane.
    The engine No. is is interesting, being such a round number.
    Yours DavidA
  15. cal50

    cal50 New Member

    Thank you for the information David.
    :D :D :D :D


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