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Discussion in 'Identification' started by roadster, May 24, 2019.

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    I have been asked by a friend of a friend to get this model engine to run. It is a bit smaller than the engines I work with! It looks reasonably well made and just wonder if anyone can identify the kit which it may have been made from. The flywheels are about 4 1/2" diam.
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  3. roadster

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    Thanks Steve, that is not what would have sprung to my mind! I wonder if his uncle had been going to build the roller, I know that he had built several model locos.
  4. hourlapa

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    I have a full set of the drawings somewhere, always wanted to build it but then got a full size one :-( Agree it is the Aveling DX roller.
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    I did a bit of digging around on the net and found the full set of constructional articles from ME magazine in 1938:
    The actual engine details do not start until page 26.
    This has made me remember that when I was still at school I knew someone with a DX roller, at the time I thought that it was the next best thing to a steam engine. I would still give one shed space today!
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    Somewhere in my house is a old book on model engines designed by Edgar Westbury and it shows the engine, all I need to do is find the book.

    Martin P

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