National Gas engine

Discussion in 'Identification' started by meisteradam, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. meisteradam

    meisteradam New Member

    Hello friends of stationary engines :p

    I have bought an National gas engine in Germany.
    Now I am looking for informations about this engine.
    What is the year of production?
    How many HP?
    What means the "P" next to the serial number?
    Thanks for your help! :)
  2. meisteradam

    meisteradam New Member

    Best regards

  3. grendel

    grendel Member

    Hallo Thomas,

    What is the bore and stroke?
    I have a list here so we can figure out the size.


  4. meisteradam

    meisteradam New Member

    Hello Hubert :)

    The bore is about 5,9 inch.
    The stroke is about 10,25 inch.
    The dimensions are not exactly, ony nearly.

    Thomas :wink:
  5. grendel

    grendel Member

    Hallo Thomas,

    Those sizes do not correspond with my list unfortunately.

    The nearest are:
    5 x 9" which is a 10 hp engine @ 600 rpm with a weight of 1740 Lbs
    5,5 x 9" which is a 12 hp engine @ 600 rpm as well and an weight of 1790 Lbs

    The next size up is a 6,5 x 12 " engine and I don't think it is that big.

    About 10/12 Hp looks right for your size of engine.
    I am surprised about the high revs for an engine like this. I checked other makers of the same period and they usually quote about 450-500 rpm for engines withe the same rating.

    Beste Grüsse,

  6. meisteradam

    meisteradam New Member

    Hello Hubert

    Thank you very much for your informations.
    I think it is a 12 HP engine.

    Beste Grüße

  7. meisteradam

    meisteradam New Member

    Some more pictures

  8. meisteradam

    meisteradam New Member

    Perhaps someone has a prospect or something else about the engine???


  9. meisteradam

    meisteradam New Member

    No ideas?
  10. admin

    admin New Member

    Hi Thomas,
    You need to email Mr Challinor at The Anson. He has the remaining National records.

  11. meisteradam

    meisteradam New Member

    Hello :)

    I wrote to Mr. Callinor 5 days ago-No answer till now.
    Perhaps he has to much work into the Anson museum.
    At the WICO magnet the electric contact was not at the place he has to be. So I built a bridge to the place were the wire comes into the magnet and so the spark is there.
    Now the engine is running!

    You can see on :arrow: YouTube.

    Best regards :wink:

  12. highrange

    highrange Member

    That's running nicely... you must be pleased :)

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