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  1. Patrick

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    The 2006 Nuenen Stationary Engine Rally is to be held Whitsun Weekend 4 & 5 June at De Boschhoeve, |Oude Landen, Nuenen, Holland.
    This is the largest engine only rally on mainland Europe attracting engines and enthusiasts from many countries. Full details can be obtained fromAnton van de Cruijsen on 0031 24 3974434 or Walter van Gulik on 0031 548 610542 or Kees Fitter on 0031 73 5113719 or email

    Patrick Knight
  2. bronsmotor

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    The 2007 Rally is held at whitsun weekend 27 and 28 May 2007.

    There is an important theme this year:
    100 years Bronsenginefactory in Appingedam.

    We are searching for a lot af bronsengines to show on this weekend.
    Also the licences engines are welcome in the Brons-street.


    This Brons 2CL engine owned by Mark Jaspers will be there:


    more info at:
  3. anton

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    Patrick, thank you very much for reporting our rally!
    We appreciate your good work!!!

    Kind regards, Anton
  4. bronsmotor

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    Bronsengine at Nuenen rally

    100 years Brons engine's!

    At the Nuenen 2007 rally you can see lot's of old (and newer) bronsengines.
    Also some spraying-cup licenses are at Nuenen.
    The Timmer engine and the Verwer engine.
    Nanno Timmer en Reinto Verwer works at the shop when the first bronsengine was made, later the leaves the shop and they made spraying-cup engines under the name Timmer in the place called meppel and Verwer in the place called Nieuw wolda.


    At the picture you see the Brons, the Verwer and the Timmer engine.

    In England there were 2 diferent spraying-cup engines, The Ransomes Wizard and the White Brons engine.
    The Ransomes is 2 stroke and the White brons 4 stroke.
    We are looking out for more info about these engines.
  5. bronsmotor

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    Nuenen rally 2007

    We have more Bronsengine licences for the show in Nuenen 2007.
    The Deutz-Brons with spraying-cup will be there also.

    If you want to see the engine running please check this link:


    This engine is a Deutz-Brons sbrme 932
    The owner is Arend Hagen.
  6. petternut

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    Thanks Ad. Enjoyed the video. It seems to run better than a Ransomes Wizard ;-)

  7. bronsmotor

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    Nuenen 2007

    In a couple of weeks it's....: Nuenen 2007.

    We will be there with 2 big Bronsengines.

    The oldest one is from the year 1913.
    25Hp and a 1,8 mtr. flywheel
    The weight must be 8000 kg.

    The 2nd engine is a 3 cylinder ED from the year 1951.
    195Hp and a weight of 14.000 kg.

    We do also the transport for Arend with his deutz-Brons.
    The air-set is an 6 cylinder Kromhout-Gardner and a Hoek compressor.

    We still hopes for a nice weekend and lot's of engines!
  8. bronsmotor

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    Nuenen 2007

    A couple of's Nuenen!

    Last saterday we run on the tugboatshow in Vianen with a Bronsmotor 2TA and the Kromhout/Hoek airset.

    This engines will also be present at Nuenen 2007.

  9. bronsmotor

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    Nuenen 2007.

    Last weekend it was:.....Nuenen.

    A beautiful collection with old engines.
    Two big truck's with our engines came on saterdaymorning.
    I was happy that Anton van der Cruijsen shoot some pictures!


    On the show you could see for the first time 4 different spraying-cup engines.
    Brons, Timmer, Verwer and the Deutz-Brons.
    We had a big 25Hp sprayingcup engine from the year 1913 on the show.


    More pictures on:

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