Onslow Park, Shrewsbury

Discussion in 'Events' started by ArthurG, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. ArthurG

    ArthurG New Member

    Anyone going this weekend?

    This is one of my favourite rallies and not far from home for me. I think the engine display and the working tractor area are excellent. Plenty of steamers too, though they don't appeal as much to me.

    I'm hoping to at least grab Sunday morning there, other commitments are likely to prevent me spending more time :( .

    Arthur G
  2. gazmill

    gazmill Member

    Arthur, we're booked in at onslow with the Petter S for the weekend.

    It'll be nice to get out to a rally, it's our first rally since astle what with all the cancellations etc. It's sure to be a good do as usual..

    Regards Gary..
  3. NigeyNoo

    NigeyNoo New Member


    Hoping to come along and take my father. We've just finished his Lister LD1 onto a new ash trolley - looks great

    I've heard there will be around 90 stationary engine exhibits

    Is there an auction? in addition to the usual stalls?

  4. boblester

    boblester Member

    We will be there to add to the S fest :) with the ruston pump, looks like there will be a fews S types this year so watch the smog :-0

  5. ArthurG

    ArthurG New Member

    Look forward to seeing you all there on Sunday morning, and maybe for a beer about 1pm in the beer tent? :D

    Nigel, come along and say hello if you fancy. It sounds like you'll be able to spot some of the regulars behind Petter S-types. I guess Philip will be lurking behind his as well.

    I'm not aware of an auction connected to Onslow Park.

    Arthur G
  6. NigeyNoo

    NigeyNoo New Member

    Just got back from Onslow Park - great show! And I picked up a cover for my BTH Magneto :D :D


  7. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member

    There a four shady characters if ever there was, wonder what scheme they were cooking up between them, one can only guess :D

    Martin P
  8. ArthurG

    ArthurG New Member

  9. NigeyNoo

    NigeyNoo New Member

    Some nice photos Arthur :)

    Must get mine uploaded soon, maybe after the Great Dorset trip though as we leave tomorrow .....
  10. ArthurG

    ArthurG New Member

    Thanks Nigel, enjoy Dorset!

    Arthur G
  11. gazmill

    gazmill Member

    Some nice photos there Arthur, thanks for posting them i forgot my camera both days :roll: .

    A very enjoyable weekend with some good quality banter throughout.


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