Open day in Oxford - Saturday 14th Sept

Discussion in 'Events' started by Dazzla, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Dazzla

    Dazzla Member

    Our next Open Day is this Saturday, September 14th.

    Please drop in and have a look round. There's plenty to see and play with, and usually a good crowd to converse with.

    Very relaxed and very open. Gates open at noon and shut when the last person leaves (often well into the dark hours!). Come for day or just an hour. I'm certain you'll enjoy yourselves.


  2. David Lacey

    David Lacey New Member

    I think these open days and private crank ups/small rallies are going to be a big part of the later summer here in the UK. I shall look forward to them.
  3. Skankin_giant

    Skankin_giant Well-Known Member

    I'll have to see about coming back up again now I'm more central in the country.

    All being well! Stay safe!
  4. Dazzla

    Dazzla Member

    You know you’d always be welcome, Steve.

    I’ve been saying for ages that the sooner the big commercialised rallies die the better. Enthusiasts gathering for pleasure is much more fun. That’s how the whole rally scene started back with the steam boys, then people started see them as business opportunities and they lost their soul.

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  5. Victoria

    Victoria Member

    I totally agree Dazzla.
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  6. Skankin_giant

    Skankin_giant Well-Known Member

  7. David Lacey

    David Lacey New Member

    We have a small Club crank-up this Saturday..........with another three events to look forward to before Christmas, I’ll be making the most of Saturday’s event, as the others will all be pulled. What a bloody shame.
  8. David Lacey

    David Lacey New Member

    This crank up in the opening post was last year, 2019 ^^
  9. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member

    better get in quick, large gatherings banned from monday, six max, do you mean 12th as monday is 14th
  10. Skankin_giant

    Skankin_giant Well-Known Member

    I'm sure I saw Daz was putting another one on somewhere.

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