petrol tank necks

Discussion in 'Suppliers/Parts' started by matt86, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. matt86

    matt86 New Member

    does anyone know where you can get new solder on tank necks from new with the brass cap ?

    Regards , matt
  2. Victoria

    Victoria Member

    If you are a bit more specific, I might be able to help. Do you mean a cap/neck assembly same as on a later Lister D type?
  3. matt86

    matt86 New Member

    yes like the ones that are on a d type .

    Cheers , matt
  4. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    Your going to have to be more specific, I think Eric is refering to a bayonet cap, there are several sizes of thread cap as well.

    Martin P
  5. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    If its the brass threaded style then I think Frank Gelder sells them. Mac McGowan and Ken Hickman would also be worth a call, after you work out what size and style you need. Details for all in SEM.

    good luck
  6. Victoria

    Victoria Member

    No Martin, I mean the screw cap as on D types and Wolseley WD2s.

    I have about four of these cap/flange units, brand new, still tissue wrapped, but being such a tidy "squirrel" I have tucked them away where, despite my best efforts this afternoon when I saw Matt's plea, I cannot locate them! Then it got too cold out there so I gave up.

    Will try again over the next few days , watch this space!
    Martin, maybe Merlin could help! :)
  7. matt86

    matt86 New Member

    martin its not the cap i want its the cap and the neck .... its to replace a neck on a tank . The size is around a lister d Wolsely size but a brass cap would be nice .

    cheers chaps .
  8. Victoria

    Victoria Member

    Good news I have found one c/w flange. the cap is 52mm across the knurling and the flange is 70mm

    Yours if you still want it, send me a PM sometime
  9. matt86

    matt86 New Member

    Pm sent Eric

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