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Discussion in 'Parts/Engines Wanted' started by dazcaz, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. dazcaz

    dazcaz New Member

    I'm new to this group so first can I say "Hello, thanks for having me"?

    I'm looking for a starting handle for a Petter A.
    I'm starting my engine at the moment by throwing the flywheel.
    A couple of times it's nearly ripped my thumb off, so now it's time I started doing it properly :)

    Does anyone have one laying around?

    I'm also looking for an exhaust muffler/pot for the same.. My neighbours are getting fed up of the noise, and anything that I can do to make things a tad quieter would help me stay friends with them :)

    I can be e-mailed at


  2. gazmill

    gazmill Member

    welcome to the forum Darren, i'm afraid i cant help with a handle but i'm sure somebody on here will be able to help.

    Regards Gary..
  3. ArthurG

    ArthurG New Member


    I *think* I've got a homemade (but useable) handle for a Petter A. I used it until I eventually found the proper one in the barn. If I can find it, you're welcome to it for a donation to the museum. If you're interested in a non-original handle, I'll have a look tomorrow night or Monday, I'm busy tomorrow with shearing.

    Coincidentally, my Petter A was used on the farm here for shearing in the distant past.
  4. admin

    admin New Member

    We might have one sat in the fund raising shop at the museum if someone can show me a pic.

    Also have a cast pot exhaust which I think is of an A.

    Not too good on the smaller ones!

  5. dazcaz

    dazcaz New Member

    Arthur, thanks for the offer.
    I'll happilly take you up on it.

    Please drop me an e-mail to and we can sort out delivery and the donation.

    I visited the museum on Sunday, suffering my own internal fire (Ooh I wasn't well at all), and came back with goodies including the pot/muffler from Paul.

    Slight snag with the pot though... My broken pot is female, the new pot is male... It appears that the thread sticking out of the exhaust port is removeable, as opposed to being part of the cast, but I'm buggered if I can get it out...I'm afraid to try too hard in case it is part of the casing and I'll knacker it completely :)
    Maybe I'll take the easy option an find a 1 1/4" coupler to screw on :)

    It's definately a Petter pot.


    PS Paul, Safely arrived home and a whole lot better today. :)
  6. chancer

    chancer New Member

    Hi Dazcaz,

    Something you could try to get the adapter out the exhaust port is to run the engine for about an hour to get it nice and warm,

    then try and tighten the adapter first a small fraction ,

    you only want it to crack free the seal if you know what i mean then try and remove it.

    Thats what i do with stuborn sparkplugs and it works ok.


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