Petter M atomiser holder

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    I get a lot of queries about this so thought I'd offer these thoughts:
    -There should not be a washer under the screw,
    -The seat cannot be re-cut with a drill. IMHO only an endmill will do the job. -If the seat is damaged or worn to ball OD then it must be re-cut. Whatever amount is removed from the seat must also be removed from the top. This keeps the ball travel within limits.
    -The original ball was 1/4" Phosphor-bronze. Steel will serve but will rust. SS will not rust but will hammer the seat faster. Balls are pence from bike shops.
    -After re-cutting or on fitting a new ball, the ball must be re-seated. With holder firmly gripped place ball on seat and give it a smart tap with hammer and punch. Throw the ball away and fit an undamaged one.


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