Petter PU engines - info and dating. (PU, PU2, PU4, PU8)

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    Good to see these delightful engines are gaining popularity. In the hope that it will help a lucky PU owner here are a few nuggets of information:
    A large number of Petter drawings for the various members of the PU family have been indexed and there are more to come. The more obviously useful ones relate to the various carburettors and their linkages.
    The several magnetos used are covered together with the mounting and adjusting arrangements and the coupling discs. One version of the latter is rubber so doubtless shared the same fate as that used by the Petter M :lol: . Easily replaced by casting rubber and the drawing is there for those who wish to machine from hard rubber as the original. Incidentally later ones used a different drive coupling and a coupling disc similar to the Petter A and made from some sort of Phenol impregnated material.

    Jim Perkins has the day books for the PU engines, which began at F1000, and he can provide dating. A few PUs were sold under "Show orders" and are within the archive on reels 14A and 15A mixed in with many other engine types. I aim to index these reels over the winter.
    All published Petter dating lists are inaccurate to some degree and some are just wrong. (the reasons are explained in the "about the Archive")

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    Hi, This is very good news as I have just recently bought a PU2 powered Edwinson pump set. My coupling is rubber and is in a terrible state.

    Many thanks Dan
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    I gather you had problems accessing the archive. It would be useful to know what the problem was and whether the thread "accessing the archive" offered any useful guidance. If not please let me know in what way it was defective so it can be improved.

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    Hi Roland, There was nothing wrong with the was my computer skills (or rather the lack of them) that were defective! I was using Google Chrome but as soon as I switched to IE the plug in worked perfectly and I could see the images. Computers are not one of my strongest suits!
    I must say they are very useful.
    Jim Perkins kindly dated my engine for me S/N F1915 at 17/12/1934. It was originally sent to Belfast.

    Many thanks Dan

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